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New Client Process

Your wealth and how you use it now, and in the future, has an effect on many aspects of your life. As a new client with Minko Wealth, our first priority is to get to know you; your family,values, lifestyle, and financial goals.

Our mission is to help our clients grow their wealth, and find financial peace of mind.

As your advisors, it’s our job to help you make smart decisions about what types of risk you want to incorporate into your portfolio. We’re here so that you can truly understand and measure growth and diversification in your portfolio every step of the way.

Here is the 4-step new client process so you know exactly what to expect:


Wealth Management Fees

Our fees are calculated as a percentage of your invested assets, starting at 1%, and scaling down to 0.5% as invested assets increase.

Since our comprehensive service best addresses the financial opportunities of those with $250,000+ of investable assets, our annual fees begin at $2500.

1. Discovery Meeting

After the  initial consult, our first formal meeting is a discovery interview to help us identify what is important to you. We’ll look at where you are now, what values you hold dear, and what lifestyle and financial goals and you’re working towards in your future. From here we’ll take this important info and begin to assess what might get you to where you want to be sooner.

2. Investment Planning

Based on what we learned about you and your goals at the discovery meeting, we’ll present an assessment of your current situation, and how to best achieve your goals.  We’ll discuss recommendations for your future wealth planning,  and suggest ways to maximize your current financial situation. This plan, in consult with you, will become the foundation of our work together.

3 . Mutual Commitment

You’ve had a chance to review the financial plan and recommendations, and you’re ready to get started! This meeting is where we do exactly that. This is where we’ll confirm our mutual commitment to this process and support in achieving your goals. In addition to the verbal commitments, we’ll also have you sign a set of documents to put your investment plan in motion.


4. Ongoing Communication

Once you become a client, you’ll have regular progress meetings with our team to review your plan and adjust for any major changes in your personal or financial landscape. We also encourage you to bring any questions or concerns you might have to your progress meetings. We’ll gladly help you understand what’s at play as we guide you ever closer to achieving your financial goals.

 Everyone’s financial situation is unique. Get your personal questions answered, and equip yourself with the information you need to make informed choices about your financial success.

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