With a long history of serving clients as professional advisors across a wide range of areas, we founded Minko Wealth as a platform to meet the specific wealth management needs of each client.

We’re a Family-Focused Wealth Management Firm in Brooklyn, NY

At Minko Wealth, family is at the core of everything we do. As brothers from a large, working-class Brooklyn family, we know the value of having a safety-net of people who care about you. That’s why we started this firm.

Our mission is to guide you towards making investment decisions that protect and enhance your wealth for generations to come. We give you access to  high-quality investments, typically reserved for only those over $5M in net worth, because we wanted to make exclusive options available to regular people. People just like our own family-members.

Our approach is rooted in academics and science, not guesswork and gambling. Our criteria for helping our clients make smart decisions is simple: We ask ourselves, “would I invest my own family’s money this way?” And the answer is a firm yes.

By investing with our firm, you’ll feel like a part of our extended family, and you’ll benefit from the peace of mind that your wealth is being cared for with your best interests at heart.

The Benefits
of  Wealth Management

We recognize that there are a lot of factors at play when carefully selecting a partner to manage your investments. With no shortage of options – banks, brokers, insurance companies, even user-friendly online platforms – why choose to work with a family-focused firm like ours?

Because we specialize in coordinated wealth management.

To support the development of both your personal goals and your financial objectives, we use a full suite of comprehensive services to ensure your success.

Work with us because we leverage a broad range of technical strategies to design the optimal plan. We provide investment advice to our clients that includes estate and gift tax minimization strategies, income tax planning, business succession, family wealth coaching, and much more.

Our extensive wealth management offering is a result of combining the following core services:


We’re here to make sure that your investments are following an intelligent, effective strategy, and to make sure you’re an informed participant in that strategy.


Looking ahead to plan for your future success is a critical factor in aligning your wealth management strategy to suit your uniquely personal lifestyle objectives.


We have an extraordinary network in the legal and financial sectors that we’ll leverage on your behalf. You tell us the issue, and we’ll find a tailored solution to match.


At the core of everything we do is a commitment to provide unparalleled excellence in financial education and personal support as you plan for your future success.

With coordinated wealth management, you can rest easy knowing that even your most complex financial needs are being personally tended to, by advisors who care.

To find out how you can benefit from these services, contact us to book a no-charge consultation.

With no obligation whatsoever, this meeting is about getting you all the information you need to make the best decisions for your financial future.

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